Warning! Facebook is BLOCKING your traffic and preventing you from
building a list from your pages. But not anymore because now you can...
FACT: 50% of your Facebook page traffic will never even see
your page tabs, or get an error when trying to see them on mobile.
Here's how to fix that,
once and for all...

Whether you're an offline consultant, an online super affiliate or a product guru, there are two things we agree on...

1. Facebook ROCKS when it comes to mass targeted traffic…

... and...

2. If you don't build a list, you're dead in the water.

But there's a problem...

Half your Facebook traffic will never
even see your Facebook Page or opt
in to your list!

Why? Because Facebooks very own Page Tab system, the one we all use daily for marketing on Facebook, creating optin landing pages, does not work on mobile devices.

You read that correctly. If you put a cool new landing page in one of your Facebook tabs and excitedly post that link on your timeline.....the place where your customers will see what you write....you will very quickly have a load of comments telling you "this is broken". "doesn't work".

You think they will say a) "oh, this is a Facebook problem so it's ok" or b) "this company can't even set up a working link, why would I trust them or buy from them?"

I'm pretty sure everyone can see the obvious one they will go with is b).

Don't just take my word for it, look at what happens:

This is happening with your traffic too...

... and you're losing leads and money every day as a result!

But here's the really weird part...
NOBODY! else is solving this

We've searched high and low for a Facebook Page creator app that creates mobile friendly pages... but we can't find one that fits the bill.

Especially not a "noob-friendly" one.

Worse still, most of them charge big bucks for a monthly service.

And that's why we created…

Social Mobi Apps
In just 3 steps you can create
awesome Facebook landing pages
without any design or coding... and
never get blocked by Facebook
And BOOM! You've got yourself a
mobile friendly Facebook landing
page... ready to build you a list of
hungry leads!

Just point n' click your way to super simple, mobile friendly landing pages for your Facebook pages today!

And the cool part is... your landing page will automatically detect the device your visitors are using, so your page will always match their screen size!

You just use one link and we make this problem vanish, so you will never have to deal with it. We even do it with our own short URL redirect system – no long winded Page Tab URL's or complicated app settings to work with. No dreaded SSL Certs to mess with. No coding, no FTP, no hassle.

Hell, you can even create your campaigns when your on the move because we made the entire admin system for Social Mobi Apps mobile ready. This is that good.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that Social Mobi Apps is only for optin pages. That'd be too simple

We made this into a fully fledged solution to the problem of Page Tabs on mobile and let you choose from our pre defined templates, a URL that you define yourself, or a HTML wysiwg editor that lets you create your own page.

That's effectively three apps in one.

One of the templates suits your project? Use it in our lightning fast editor and customise it to your needs.

Got an existing landing page or site you want to use? Simple – choose the external URL option and Social Mobi Apps does the rest.

Feeling the creative juices flowing? Go with option three and use our wysiwg HTML editor to craft your own page. Social Mobi Apps puts the power to solve this problem in your hands.

Even if you can't code the clock on your oven... and even if you're on a super tight budget... Social Mobi Apps is the tool you need and it's yours for the taking.

So the question is...

Can you afford to IGNORE this?

This isn't one of those cheesy "overnight riches" products...

... but it's still one of the most important tools you'll see this year...

Here's why:

Without this tool, your Page Tabs will be losing ALL of your mobile audience on Facebook – that's 50% of your overall audience – because they can't access your landing pages and FB page tabs from their mobile devices.

Can you seriously afford to throw away half your potential traffic, leads and income?

On the flip side...

If you thought you were "doing OK"
right now…

... then imagine how well you'll be doing when you have this tool working away for you, helping you double the amount of people you sign up to your list and buy from you?

That could easily add up to hundreds of bucks per week, month or year...

... so would it be fair to charge $199 for this system? Perhaps we could charge a monthly fee to use our service

Maybe, but this is a special offer and I'm gonna keep it that way.

Act now and you'll get access to this brand new Facebook list building tool for just...

Social Mobi Apps

If you've made it this far, then you're obviously serious about building your list on Facebook and making the kind of money you deserve.

Grab this now and plug the leak in
your Facebook pages for a one-time

Yep, unlike other tools out there, Social Mobi Apps will never tie you into ongoing fees. For a single, one-time investment, you're getting everything you need to build awesome Facebook landing pages with the push of a button…

... including 7 ready-made templates that you can edit and publish today, within seconds!

Social Mobi Apps

P.S – OH, did we mention this is 100% cloud based too? That means you don't have to download clunky software that needs updating… and you can access this tool from anywhere in the world with an internet connection :)

Don't leave it until it's too late!

In 7 days, this product will be back to the “normal” price and only offered as an expensive subscription service. Buy NOW and lock in for a one-time only investment at the lowest possible price instead.

My 30 day success guarantee

Even though I can't tell you exactly how much money this will make you, I can promise you this… you'll LOVE how easy and quick this tool is for building Facebook landing pages… and if you don't agree, you pay nothing.

It's that simple.

Give it 30 days. Try it as much as you like. Only then decide if this is everything we've promised and more. Fair deal?

To your success,
Martin Crumlish & Karthik Ramani

About us…

Martin Crumlish known for developing a wide range of successful facebook applications over the past 3 years… along with Karthik Ramani who has been producing amazing facebook products in the SAAS model, under the radar. Together they have teamed up to produce this software, helping you to break down the competition and turn weak Facebook landing pages that don't even work on mobiles… into list building monsters that work on ANY mobile device!

Social Mobi Apps

This offer is going to be very popular – don’t be the one who misses out!

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